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The LPB band was founded in 1989 by Andreas Mouzakitis and Liana Koutrolikou.

First live performances in Kerkyra, summer 1989 (Pango-Pango, Coca Flash, Rondo, Ano Plateia). First vinyl maxi single "light pop beat - elafrolaikos rythmos", featuring "mundi-a-hell 'n' hi" and "these boots are made for walking", by Thodoris Manikas' ME.S.S. (Media Secret Services ltd.), Xmas 1989. Live performances (1990 - 1993) in Athens, Greece (Rodon, Rex, Yuris', West, Camel, Omni, Pulse, Theatron, Loft etc.). First vinyl LP album "LPB light pop beat - elafrolaikos rythmos" (1993) by Thodoris Manikas' "Iptamenoi Diskoi".
All other albums are independent productions by LPB:

       "LPB amykonos" (1995)

       "LPB panselinos/8" (1998 - original soundtrack for the dance-theater "Panselinos/8",
        a creation of Maria Gaitani, performed by her "Eos" dance group)
       "LPB six soundtracks" (2002 - a collection of six original soundtracks for video art)
       "LPB Faust" (2004 - original soundtrack for "Faust" video art by Nikos Zappas)
       "LPB seven of clubs" (2007)

       "LPB four parodies" (2010 - original soundtrack - theatre: "Guy de Maupassant: Four Parodies")

Now working on two new collections: "LPB electroSHOCK" (old and new electroacoustic works) and "LPB studiolive" (old and new live performances recorded in the studio). >>> LPB band

Andreas Mouzakitis interview by Michalis Limnios - Blues.gr - July 30, 2015
Avant-garde Greek artist Andreas Mouzakitis talks about counterculture and counter-tradition of music & art

"Consciously or unconsciously, Rock 'n' Roll is a revolutionary movement. It carries the message of the beatniks, hippies, feminism, sexual liberation... Despite its transformation to a commercialized form, it still carries its revolutionary ideas and expresses comparable trends of next generations."

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