1978 - 1985

LOUKI club
In greek, the word LOUKI (ΛΟΥΚΙ) means gutter, spout, rainspout etc.
In greek slang, it is used to describe an unpleasant situation in which a person is stuck for a long period of time, an involuntary adaptation to a compromised way of living, an addiction to somebody or someone and more.

Legendary LOUKI club (1978 - 1985).Famous meeting point for artists, night clubbers and jazz, rock and blues fans.Opened by: Alexis Golfis (actor) - Andreas Mouzakitis (musician), 1978
Situated: 44 Haritos Str., Kolonaki - Athens, Greece.
Opening date: 17/11/1978.
The Club: Ground-level floor (entrance, bar, chess place, headphones place, lounge, 
manager's office).
Underground-level floor (bar, restaurant, dj, bulletin board and press-stand, 
rest room).
Famous meeting point for artists, night clubbers and jazz, rock and
blues fans.
The night club was, most probably the first to introduce a series of novelties 
and innovations such as:
   - Dj for the bar and restaurant.
   - Free local and international press for the customers.
   - Headphones for private listening. 
   - Top hi-fi sound... and more. 
Technicalities: Nakamichi decks, Technics turntables, Quad amplifiers, Bose headphones, 
KLH and Bose loudspeakers (all these labels are still considered top high quality
audio equipment manufacturers).


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Opening date: 17/11/2010.


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